image of Edward J. Santos


Sgt. Edward J. Santos

Hdqs Co., 2nd Btn., 406th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Division

European Theater of Operationsr of Operations

United States Army


IMAGE of 102nd Infantry Division

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal


IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

Image of Edward J. Santos. Image taken during his years of service in World War II with Hdqs Co., 2nd Btn., 406th Infantry Regiment, 102th Infantry Division, U. S. Army.


image of Edward J. Santos


Memories of Edward J. Santos

"...My grandfather Edward J. Santos often told us stories about the difficult river crossings and captures of strategic bridges. He mentioned how the danger of sniper fire was always etched in his mind. My grandfather spoke very fondly of a German family in a small village who were friendly toward the allies, and often offered them meals and a place to rest. He spoke of the attrocities of Gardelegan and the cemetary that was constructed there. At one time he had done an interview with a Boston news channel and gave his account of some of the terrible things he had wittnessed. My entire family, and myself, are very proud of his service and contribution to our great land..."


Roland D. Santos, Grandson to Edward J. Santos.


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We at the World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words web site wish to offer our most profound THANK YOU to the Grandson of Mr. Edward J. Santos, Mr. Roland Santos, for his offer to share this excellent image of his late Grandfather, who passed away on May 6, 2000. The image above is a family tribute to the memory of their World War II hero.


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